Written on 02/05/2024

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Welcome to Episode 139 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

We have been featured as #1 in “Top 10 Salsa Podcasts” on FeedSpot.

In this episode Andres takes us through the bare beginnings of his salsa journey, and the key moments that created the motivation and curiosity to start. Never forget, we all started from 0 but, everyone can learn (doesn’t matter if you aren’t latino). Andres has never talked about his story in depth before anywhere! 

Tune in to listen.

Sneak Peek:

“I promised to myself that I will never feel that way again”


“I asked every question because I made every mistake, and I made every mistake 2 – 3 times” -Andres

“This is where the salsa seed was planted for the first time”



00:30 – Andres’ Salsa Origin

03:04 – First Unknown Salsa Experience

04:51 – Friends (and Julio)

07:38 – Highschool Time

08:30 – Turning Point

11:55 – Salsa Kings Hits

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