Written on 01/22/2024

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Welcome to Episode 137 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

We have been featured as #1 in “Top 10 Salsa Podcasts” on FeedSpot.

In episode 137 Andres talks about feeling it and not feeling it. Even if you absolutely love “italian food”, you might feel like eating “mexican food” instead, and this is okay! Andres explains why understanding that dance is art and comes from inspiration is important to flow through the “limbo’s”. 

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Sneak Peek: 

“There’s so many reasons, and truly it’s none of your business…”

“I believe that leads should ask follows to dance, but if you are a follow don’t be afraid to ask a lead to dance if you want to (Or at least invite them to ask)”

“No pressure if you aren’t feeling it tonight, enjoy the music, enjoy each other’s company, etc”


3:00 – Dance Story 

05:30 – Breaking It Down 

06:30 – Follows / Guests 

07:00 – Breaking It Down Down 

08:00 – The Choice 

08:35 – Hard Truth 

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