LIMBO ft. Lester Castrillo (Rico Recap)

Written on 01/16/2024

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Welcome to Episode 136 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In this episode, Andres and two Salsa Kings instructors discuss “not feeling it” when you are social dancing. They talk from experience about not getting the results you want and how there are ways to get back into the rhythm and have more fun. Remember! It takes time and growth is not linear, there’s ups and downs to the process and it’s a very normal thing to get stuck somewhere.

Inside the episode all the questions are discussed in depth.

Sneak Peek:

If you are not having a fun time dancing today, you have three solutions. Most people take the hardest solution of the three and don’t even consider the other two.

Sometimes even if you don’t feel like dancing, you don’t want to sit down to not be the boring one, but forcing things to work is something that never works, especially in dance.

Having a friend or a buddy to go to dance with could be the difference between the greatest night of your life and a boring night. Is not needed but it helps a lot.

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