Written on 01/08/2024

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Welcome to Episode 135 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

We have been featured as #1 in “Top 10 Salsa Podcasts” on FeedSpot.

In this week’s episode Andres talks about a topic that was life changing for him, “is not that serious”. The goal of dancing is having fun, so Andres explains 3 concepts that allowed him to have endless fun and joy on and off the dance floor, especially in this day and age where people have jobs, kids, and many responsibilities. Press play and listen to the best way to have fun whilst also being the best version of yourself!

Sneak Peek:

Lots of times we get so caught up in working and advancing forward that we forget to have fun, and we end up becoming grumpy and unsociable.

Protect your frequency or your nature, don’t let people with negative frequencies cancel your positivity out with their negativity

Being around people with your same frequency will multiply yours and the others frequencies exponentially. (Good frequencies and Bad Frequencies)


02:45 – Play and Don’t Judge

05:03 – Outside Appearances and Focus

06:35 – Opposing Ping Pong Principles

07:18 – Protecting your Nature

09:27 – Is NOT that Serious (Highlight)

11:42 – Dancing is Not Serious

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