Written on 12/25/2023

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Welcome to Episode 133 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In today’s episode, Andres talks about frequencies and their massive importance not only in dance but in life as a whole. He explores a famous study by Gary Breka, a human biologist and a mortality expert that shows scientific proof that frequencies and vibrations are real. Tune in now to understand this exciting concept that uncovers the mysteries of frequencies in relation to human emotion and dance!

Sneak Peek:

What do you think is the most powerful and attractive frequency in the universe?

Hint: Is 4x more powerful than love…

“Gary came across an interesting clinical study known as the spane scale of emotion. This study brought 25,000 people into a faraday’s cage.”

“What they did is they were able to study the frequency that leaves the human body. They were able to tell through the computers, the mood of individual people to a deep level”

“When two individuals in their most authentic self come together, that’s when you can have your most organic dance.”

– Andres

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