Written on 12/18/2023

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Welcome to Episode 132 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In today’s episode, Andres and Pablo talk about “descontrolate”. This is a term used to describe the feeling of “dancer’s high” or “the trinity”. Tune in to hear all about “descontrolate” and how it leveled up Pablo’s dance in an unexpected way!

Sneak Peak:

“How can I get the same feeling of fun and removing boundaries that alcohol gives you, without consuming any alcohol”? 

– Pablo “Rico Rico”

“You cannot control if the other person has a good time or not, you can only choose to have fun yourself. You can control what you yourself do, but you can’t control the outcome.”

– Pablo “Rico Rico”

Is like dressing up, when you want to get dressed up, you take your time to represent yourself, and oftentimes you also represent how you are feeling through your clothing.

– Andres

Time Stamps

4:20 – Where did “descontrolate” come from?

12:19 – What “losing control” really means.

13:10 – The ONLY thing you can control

20:01 – A level deeper…

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