Written on 11/20/2023

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Welcome to Episode 129 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome back to another episode of Salsa Kings Live! Today, your host Andres, explains the key to understanding the dynamics between men and women – “MARS AND VENUS.”

Key Points:

  1. Book Recommendation: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”
    • Andres starts the episode by highly recommending the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” This gem provides valuable information into the different worlds where men and women live and how they think and perceive things differently.
  2. Yin and Yang Energies:
    • The relationship between men and women is compared to the concept of yin and yang, where opposite energies complement each other to create a perfect whole. This dynamic duo, like pilot and co-pilot or Batman and Robin, forms a team that, despite being opposites, works seamlessly together.
  3. Lead and Follow in Dance:
    • Andres discusses the roles of lead and follow on the dance floor. The lead represents the foundation, setting the stage. The follow adds the expressive beauty and sets the mood for the lead to reciprocate. Together, they create a perfect dance team that can interpret and express any inspiration from the music.
  4. Expressive Roles in Dance:
    • The lead is compared to the base or foundation, creating the stage, while the follow is the expressive artist, setting the mood. This dynamic exchange of energy makes dancing truly beautiful, especially when dancers are unfamiliar with each other.
  5. Three Levels of Understanding:
    • Andres introduces three levels for both men and women:
      • For Men: Boys, Men, Men who understand women.
      • For Women: Girls, Women, Women who understand men.


Understanding the unique qualities of Mars and Venus is essential. The podcast goes deep into the importance of embracing opposite energies, both in relationships and on the dance floor. So whether you’re a lead or a follow, a man or a woman, there’s a dance waiting to be danced, where mutual understanding will create effortless harmony and beauty. 

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